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1716 post errors on Raid 10 array on DL380 Gen 8


1716 post errors on Raid 10 array on DL380 Gen 8

Morning all.

I have a server that has recentlly had 2 similtaneous disk failures ona raid 10 configuration. 

Disks have ben replaced and rebuilt without any issue but now we are having these post errors and I have seen that there is HPE advisory saying that this could be a firmware bug on the disks.

I am planing on upgrading the firmware and running offline hardware diagnostics.

How do I check via Esxcli if this is Zero memory raid configured as it has a 2GB cache module on the array controller 

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Re: 1716 post errors on Raid 10 array on DL380 Gen 8


I hope all is well.

As per shared information, suspecting hard disk drive have media errors or hard disk firmware required to update with the latest.

I would request you follow the below customer advisories for more clarification.

Advisory: (Revision) HP ProLiant and Integrity Servers: HP Smart Array Controllers - Correcting the "1716" Power-On Self-Test (POST) Error Message Observed After a Drive Array Rebuild Operation

Advisory: (Revision) HP ProLiant Servers - FIRMWARE UPGRADE RECOMMENDED for Specific SAS Hard Drives to Prevent "1716-Slot [x] Drive Array - Unrecoverable Media Errors" Message During Power-On Self-Test on HP Smart Array Controllers Using Zero Memory RAID

NOTE: You should have the complete data backup before the hard disk firmware update.

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