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1724 POST Error on ML370 G3

Greg Struthers
Occasional Contributor

1724 POST Error on ML370 G3

ProLiant ML370 G3 (production W2K domain controller) was recently (and mysteriously) rebooted and displayed the following error during POST:

POST Error: 1724-Drive Array - Physical Drive Position Change(s) Detected

Looking back in Integrated Management Log, I see the same issue occurred in July 2006, but no indication of anything similar before that, and no indication in our company logs that any physical work was done to the server at either time.

This server is rack-mounted with six physical disks comprising three logical mirrored drives. There is no external array. There is no indication that any of the hard drives or the SmartArray 6400 card are failed or degraded (according to Insight Manager). SA card's firmware is at v2.58, and all hard drives are up-to-date on firmware. This server is overseas, but to my knowledge no one has been messing with the hard drives. The only strange thing that stands out to me is that the last physical disk shows "SCSI ID 13", when it should be showing "SCSI ID 5". The model and firmware of that disk are the same as the disk it is mirrored with, and that disk's ID is correct. Not sure if the last disk showed that ID 13 before or not.

Wondering primarily why I would see the POST 1724 error (if no disks have been moved/removed), and secondarily why the disk in the last bay would show SCSI ID 13. Any feedback/resolution would be appreciated.
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Re: 1724 POST Error on ML370 G3

Hello Greg,

Though this is wierd,its a fault with the disk whose id changed for no reason.
If you have a spare,test with the disk and see if the spare also behaves the same way(infact it should'nt).
If the spare disk is stable,get the other disk replaced since its ckt is messy.

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Re: 1724 POST Error on ML370 G3

Hii greg,

As a workaround u can take the HDDs out and then clear the NVRAM of the server.make sure to backup the data before this operation.It can clear the scsi id info on the ROM.After that place the hdds back in and restart the server.