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1783 slot 1 drive array controller failure, 1775, and 1785

Occasional Advisor

1783 slot 1 drive array controller failure, 1775, and 1785

I have a Proliant ML350 G3 server that gets hung up when booting up. This system has 2000 server and just freezes on startup.

I get a 1783 slot 1 drive array failure [command failure (cmd=11h, err=020h)] right after post. Than I also get a 1775, and a 1785. I have upgraded the rom to the newest version an removed the controller card, memory, drives and all cables and reinserted still have the same problem. I have the green arrow lights lit on the drives but not the actual center drive light. The 2 top os drives don't have the green arrow light lit when the os is at a freeze after all the errors. I also tried a different power supply to the the drives but same thing.

Dhanesh Amirthalingam
Regular Advisor

Re: 1783 slot 1 drive array controller failure, 1775, and 1785


Try to clear the NV-ram in the system board
switch on the no 6 while the server is booting
it should come to maintenance mode ,release the button to the normal

try to it is either a bad controller or failed hard drive, bad scsi back plane or cable connected to the controller.

1- remove the scsi cable from the controller and see if you still get that error at post.

if you still get the 1783 then could be a controller issue.

what you should do is remove the controller and reseat the memory cache module and make sure it is plugged in firmly.

after this is same error; possible we need to replace the cache module and or the controller.

2- if you don't get the 1783 with controller ; then it is a bad hard drive on the scsi backplane.

try one drive at a time to see which one is bad.

in most cases a replacement controller and cache module will fix the issue.

if you have spare controllers I would try replacing the controller.

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