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1785-Slot 0 Drive Not Configured

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1785-Slot 0 Drive Not Configured

I am new to smartstart and I get this message when I boot up with Proliant DL380 Server.
How do I configure the on-board controller.
It also tells me in the smartstart that there are "0" MB for Boot Controller Disk Size.
This is the first time configuring a DL389 server. Appreciate any input or where to start first.
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Re: 1785-Slot 0 Drive Not Configured


You need to boot the server with the SmartStart CD that came with the system. Then click on the maintenance tab and select Array Configuration Utility. This util will allow you to build the array(s) you want for the server.
FYI: The first array you build will be the primary boot array.
After that is complete, you can begin the installation of the O/S you choose.

Here is a document that may help you:

Let us know if you need more help! -john
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Re: 1785-Slot 0 Drive Not Configured

Thank you for the tip. I was able to configure the array but when I try to click on setup, "SmartStart does not support deplyment for this server....." comes up.
The Proliant DL380 is a PIII. Is it possible that I need an older version of SmartStart?

Any input is appreciated.

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Re: 1785-Slot 0 Drive Not Configured

Yes, you possibly have to new or to old version. You can also follow the manual installation procedure, without the automatic process. A little more thinking involved but if you do not have the right disk, it can get you up and running.
THe procedure is posted in our Tech support area but we also have a MS Word copy I can send you if you wish
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