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1850R - Suse 10 Install Problems

Sean Waite
Frequent Advisor

1850R - Suse 10 Install Problems

I am trying to load Suse 10 on a Proliant 1850R. I set the options at boot to safe settings:
apm=off acpi=off etc..

But I have not been able to get installation to load. It goes throw the initial phase of probeing and unpacking install files, but then the machine goes blank. On my VMWare machine this is the point where the Yast install loads.

I also was never able to load Fedora as well. The one thing I did not do was run Smartstart prior to install. Must I really clear the config prior to installing a new OS? Would selecting Linux in Smartstart really help matters much?

Any ideas on how I can get Suse 10 installed on this 1850R would really help.
Davin Carter
Occasional Visitor

Re: 1850R - Suse 10 Install Problems

I was able to install SUSE 10 on an 1850 if I chose non-graphical install. You will likely run into problems if you install X.