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1850R and 2nd processor

Daniel Easton
Occasional Contributor

1850R and 2nd processor

I'm attempting to add a 2nd processor to an 1850R. BIOS recognizes it. BIOS Tests run OK on both processors. However windows does not recognize the 2nd cpu. In addition, I get the following message in the event log.

The Compaq System Management Driver has detected that only 1 out of the 2 installed processors have been started by the operating system. Please confirm that the license agreement in use supports all of the installed processors. The system will continue to operate.

What does this mean? I have (I think) installed the latest SoftPAQs. Definately upgraded the BIOS to the latest revision at least. I have also set APIC to "Full Table Mapped". In Win2k, Device Manager is using MPS Multiprocessor, however Task Manager and "System Inforamation" both report single CPU.

Thanks for the help.

Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: 1850R and 2nd processor

This is a Double Posting. See other POST for possible resolution.
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Lawrance Lee_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: 1850R and 2nd processor


You haven't specified which operating system is running on your 1850r, however I will take a guess that you are referring to Windows NT 4.0 Server or Advanced Server.

Windows NT 4.0 has separate HALs for Uniprocessor and Multiprocessor configuration.

There is a utility in the NT 4.0 Resource Kit called "UPTOMP.EXE" which will help you change the HAL from Uni to Multi, but this process can be very tricky. I would strongly recommend a full server backup in case things go wrong.

You can find technical information documents on Microsoft's support website on the "uptomp" (uniprocessor to multi processor) utility.

If you are running Windows 2000 Server or Advanced server, it is a much simpler process of changing the HAL to recognise and use the 2nd processor.

Hope this info helps.


Lawrance Lee

Re: 1850R and 2nd processor

I just came across this thread as I am in very similar situation, and ........ let second the previous person's advice: this is a very tricky operation and you want to make sure it goes perfectly or you'll end up reinstalling.

Good luck to those in future who are reading this & undertaking this.