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2.5 inch ssd in ml350 g6 with 3.5 inch bays

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2.5 inch ssd in ml350 g6 with 3.5 inch bays

I want to add a ssd to my server.  It has only 3.5 inch bays.

* Is there a disk caddy that will fit the bay and hold the ssd?

* Should I just just a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter? (Will that line up the connectors correctly?


Re: 2.5 inch ssd in ml350 g6 with 3.5 inch bays



Refer to the QuickSpecs for this server here.



This server supports:

  • Eight (8) 2.5" (shown) or six (6) 3.5" SAS or SATA hot plug drive bays
  • 3G SATA MLC Hot Plug SFF (2.5-inch) Enterprise Mainstream Solid State Drives
  • 6G SAS SLC Hot Plug Enterprise Performance Solid State Drives

Do check the additional/optional Drive Cage Kit for this server model.


I am not aware of any Disk Caddy or 3.5 to 2.5 Adapter.


Thank You!
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Re: 2.5 inch ssd in ml350 g6 with 3.5 inch bays

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Re: 2.5 inch ssd in ml350 g6 with 3.5 inch bays

There's no shortage of 3.5" -> 2.5" adapters out there, the question is, would any of them line up the SAS/SATA connectors physically with the drive cage?


Most of the ones I've seen choose to center the 2.5" drive in the space.  What you would need though is one that shifts the drive all the way to the side.  Plus, if there are any height differences (2.5" drives tend to be much shorter), then you also have to watch for that.


It could be done I suppose... I have an external hot-plug drive caddy that takes either 2.5 or 3.5 drives... there's a cutout for the 2.5" drives to make sure the connectors still line up, so it's definitely something that's possible.


You could always try to rig up your own solution using some kind of spacers or something if you're not able to find a pre-fab unit that lines it all up.  I'm imagining a trip to the local hardware store to pick up some odd collection of pieces of plastic, and a dremel tool for the fine adjustments. :)