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2 DL380 G3's same issue no Post beep and no video


2 DL380 G3's same issue no Post beep and no video

recently have been given 2 HP Proliant DL380 G3's for my lab. They were pulled in working condition.
It doesn't seem to post nor do i get video. I trolled the forums in an attempt to find a solution and I can't seem to find one.
I was wondering if anyone can provide some insight onto this.


No video and no post beep.

Internal health light is red,


Hard drive lights flash in this sequence:
1)Arrow-Activity status (green)
2)Cylinder- Online Status (green)
3)Cylinder with X - Fault status (amber)
4)Then all lights go amber Then off
5)Light sequence continues from step 1


DVD Drive light flashes slowly on and off, ( no CD in the tray, putting in a bootable CD does nothing)
All lights inside the server including SCSI controller card, motherboard, fans etc. is green, there are no amber or red lights.


I have Cleared NVram (dip switch 6 to on then back to off) yet issue remains the same.
I plugged the screen into my laptop to make sure it work and it is ok.
Keyboard and mouse (both PS2) light up and turn off on initial power on.
I have the exact same issue with the 2nd server. I have also tried 6 different hard drives.
reseated ram also tested ram.

I also tried with one hard drive at a time, but i don't think this should matter as i can even see a boot up screen.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the hardware because the exact same thing is happening on both servers.
It was only pulled for upgrade purposes.


any insight would be great

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Re: 2 DL380 G3's same issue no Post beep and no video

When they were "upgraded"; were processors installed?


NOTE: The 3.2GHz processor option kits are not backwards compatible; they cannot be used to upgrade systems purchased with 2.4 or 2.8GHz 400MHz Front Side Bus processors. This processor option kit supports the ProLiant ML370 G3 and ProLiant DL380 G3 servers.


NOTE: The ....



make sure the system is populated with PC2100 Registered DDR SDRAM DIMM


You should test with only two matching sized dimms in slots 1 & 2


any change?


Check the processor cage(s) and make sure the processor is seated  also make sure the PPM is seated or reseat it.

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Re: 2 DL380 G3's same issue no Post beep and no video

In addition to John’s advice, reseat all internal components. If the issue persists, then power the server with base configuration. Remove all expansion cards, the PCI riser cage, cables from the hard drive back plane, the cache module of the Smart Array 5i controller, processor 2 and all of its memory modules and have only one a pair of memory modules for processor 1, processor1 and its PPM installed in the server and check if the server completes POST.


If the issue persists, then swap the memory modules one at a time with known working spare, if not swap the PPM or VRM, if not, then the processor. If the server completes POST successfully on base configuration, then add one component at a time and power it on each addition.


You may refer to the server’s maintenance and service guide for assistance in removing and replacing server components:


You may also visit the Service Media Library at (


Under “Product Category” click “Server”,

under “Product Family” click “HP ProLiant DL Servers”,

under “Product Series” scroll and click on “HP ProLiant DL380 G3 Server series”.

Under “Media selection and additional resources -- HP ProLiant DL380 G3 Server series” the following are listed: Remove/Replace Videos Part Locator Technical Support Click “Remove/Replace Videos” for videos of component removal and replacement.


You may also try HP Guided Troubleshooting for this server for further assistance:





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