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2 DL580 and 2 MSA500 Cluster

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Jay Gomez
Occasional Advisor

2 DL580 and 2 MSA500 Cluster


I would like to ask for assistance on how to configure the 2 DL580 and 2 MSA500 on a cluster environment...
I am just confused coz our client wants a fault tolerant for on the server side and the storage side... (something like 1 DL580 and 1 MSA500 is mirrored on the other 1 DL580 and 1 MSA500)...
Hope you can provide me a white paper or link on how to set-up this thing...
I will also use a windows server 2003 enterprise....
Hope you can also provide me including the OS installation procedure on this kind of set-up....

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: 2 DL580 and 2 MSA500 Cluster


Please visit the following site might be a help.

Where as if looking for somethign more specific then tell me.

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Doug de Werd

Re: 2 DL580 and 2 MSA500 Cluster

HP does not support 2 MSA500 storage boxes connected to a single 2-node cluster.

However, there are a couple of other ways you could do this.

One would be to use a fault tolerant product like Marathon Technologies FTServer ( ) , but then the MSA500's would be a bit overkill.

You could also set up a standard 2-node cluster using the 2 servers and one of the MSA500's. You could then use a product like HP's OpenView Storage Mirroring (OVSM) to mirror the data across to the second MSA500.

You could probably also do some creative things with StorageWorks Virtual Replicator.

The bottom line is that you cannot set up a fully fault tolerant system using MSCS, two servers and 2 MSA500's without using some kind of additional software to mirror over to the second storage box.

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