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2 SCSI disks don't work and make noise

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2 SCSI disks don't work and make noise

Photo of the controller - Ven 9004 Dev 5078 Adaptec AIC-7850 PCI SCSI Controller
SCSI-SE (SE is written on the back plate)
Photo of the chip
Photo of the cable
Photo of the disks 1 and 2
Upper side
Bottom - connector side (both disks)
Photo of the boards
1) From 50 to 80
2) From 68/50 to 80

I connect this so: plug the card in the PCI slot, plug the cable in the card, plug the first board (68/50 to 80), do not install any jumpers - this is 0 device, plug it in the drive, then I plug second board, enable the ID0 jumper, enable the termination (TPR) jumper, then I plug it into the disk. I turn on the computer and they start making strange noise like something is scratching the drive. I don't see them in BIOS like a hard drive. I want to make them alive so what can I do and where's the fault?
Michael A. McKenney
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Re: 2 SCSI disks don't work and make noise

Check each drive in the Adaptec setup on post. Make sure they are on separate IDs. Do one drive at a time. If on a cable and not in a enclosure, you need to do a few things.

1.) Last drive on the cable needs to be terminated. You should use a active terminator on the cable. It works better than a drive termination. If cable terminator is in place, disable termination on all drives.

2.) Disable termination on all other drives.

3.) Going from 68/50 pin to 80 pin, make sure the

My only concern is 50 pin SCSI drives are slow. You are converting them to 80 pin, the convertor board might cause conflicts with timing. I would not place these two drives in RAID.

Start by installing one drive at a time. Verify the ID on the Adaptec setup at post. If they are both ID0, change one to ID1. I would personally replace the drives and use a SCA enclosure instead of a cable/converter on a production server. The converter could vibrate lose and cause the drive to drop off.