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20/40 DAT Backup Exec SCSI problem.

Bastiaan van Haastrecht
Occasional Contributor

20/40 DAT Backup Exec SCSI problem.


We use Veritas Backup Exec 8.6 build 3878 on a Windows 2000 SBS sp2 Server.

We have the HP/Compaq 20/40 DAT unit installed on the Main SCSI/Video/NIC card. Also 2 SCSI disks are on the same controller. (No mirror/Raid)

The problem we are having is that everytime the Backup unit reports a "I/O device error" during the backup. This could be in the begin of the session, or half way, it doenst matter. Sometimes we even get a complete full backup.

Because of this problem we haved contacted compaq, and they have replayed the Unit twice, have replaced the "All in one Card" and all cables. And this we are having this problem.

I've been gathering information about this problem and have found some interesting points. According to a document on EventID.NET, I need to lower the speed of the SCSI Controller, and/or Disable Wide Negotiation, and or Disable Synchronous Negotiation.

Also they advice me to put the Backup unit on a seperate controller.

Can anyone tell me how to adjust the above settings, or does anyone have more solutions to my problem.

Thank you in advance, Bastiaan.

EventID what we are have :