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2003 Storage Server

Cameron Fraser
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2003 Storage Server

Hello I have several of the DL110 i believe they are which is the same as the Storage Works NAS 1500s... All of the machines have the 2003 storage license however I do not have the oem discs. As the OS is only OEM I have been unable to track down a copy.... Have seen I can order the disc through the HP site however shipping to NZ is going to be several weeks... Does anyone know if HP have or can provide a direct download link in anyway?.. Have all the machines with me and can provide serial numbers and license keys if these can be input for a direct download...
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Re: 2003 Storage Server

Hi Cameron,

The Restore DVD's are normally ordered as I'm not aware of a public download area for them at HP. You've probably been here already but this is where they are ordered from.

The NAS1500s was rebadged as the NAS DL100 G1 (not the G2) but the original NAS1500s recovery disk can also be ordered here(I would order both as they are all free).
You should also order the Re-branding update disk if you want any original NAS1500s models to be rebranded properly and the service release update disks (get them all as you may have to install an older version prior to the latest one).

Sorry, this is probably not what you wanted to learn so you may just have to wait for them arriving unless someone at HP can accommodate your request for the DL100 G1 image.