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2012 R2 Driver Problems

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2012 R2 Driver Problems

I'm getting mighty frothed at HP that an ML370 G6 with 2+ years of warranty left isn't supported for 2012.  Nonetheless, I got 2012 to install without incident.  What I can't get installed is 2012 R2.  I understand MS removed some drivers from R2.  During the installation, shortly after "Install Now", I get "A media driver your computer needs is missing.  This could be DVD, USB, or hard disk drive."  I've got no clue.  I've pointed it to the array controller and host bus adapter drivers and more. 


I've also tried installing on top of a working 2012 - same problem, then browsing into the INF folder, which after a long time it comes up with a long list of compatible drivers, but the likely candidates (out of dozens) don't work.  I tried starting 2012 R2 setup from within 2012, but that errors about compatibility problems. 


I did open a tech support case, but the reply was "we don't support it."  Well, an HP employee on some thread I was reading said they added some servers not orginally supported based on customer feedback, so I was trying to give some. 


Does anyone know what it is looking for and how to satisfy it?  Right now my twenty year loyalty to Compaq/HP is getting severely tested.


Re: 2012 R2 Driver Problems



Have you tried this article from Microsoft?


The issue usually occurs due to corrupt installation medium. Try downloading a new copy of the windows installation disk and try installing.



Thank You!
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Re: 2012 R2 Driver Problems

Hah!  I though the article was kind of stupid in that if I had a corrupt disk there'd be all sorts of other major problems, but dang-it, I re-burned the ISO file to a 16x DVD blank instead of the old 4x blanks I found in a drawer and was using up, and wouldn't you know, the darn thing installed.  At first, I upgraded 2012 to 2012 R2, then wiped the drives and installed R2 from scratch, both working.  Then I installed on an old DL385 G2 that I had the same problem with and now it installs!  Who'd have thunk it?  Thanks much.

One problem remains.  I'd also tried the Hyper-V 2012 R2, the free hypervisor version, and it still has the same problem, even re-burned on 16x blanks, both on the ML370 and the DL385.  Now I notice the Hyper-V 2012 ISO is 1.7GB and the R2 version is only 1.5GB, so maybe they really did chop out some drivers.   By contrast, my ISO for 2012 R2 Std is over 500MB large than 2012.  Any ideas?  

For my internal use servers I'm migrating off VMware, but am limited in VMs under 2012 Std so am looking to run the free version for more.  Not to confuse things, but this is separate from the ML370 issue, which is for a customer, however I did attempt to install Hyper-V R2 on the ML360 G6 as an exercise, and it still has that message from my original post with the new disk just like the DL385 G2 did.  This seems to confirm that device support on this free version is a lot lighter - not sure what it's looking for.  

Interestingly, the DL380 G6 is similar hardware to the ML370 G6, both on the Intel 5520 chipset.  HP supports 2012 R2 for the former, though when you go to the DL380 G6 downloads page for 2012 R2 there isn't much there, but there's all the normal stuff (NIC, video, etc.) under plain 2012, so I'm assuming this is all compatible with R2 and they just didn't bother repeating under the R2 section.