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207-Invalid Memory Configuration - System Halted!

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207-Invalid Memory Configuration - System Halted!

Купили память HP 8Gb 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 kit(500662-B21) для сервера HP DL320 G6.  Установили на слоты 3A и 6B, как описано в конфигураторе у вас на сайте. Пишет "207-Invalid Memory Configuration - System Halted!"

Что делать? Поставили Proliant System BIOS - W07(07/02/2013). Толку нету. В биосе установили максимальную частоту 1333Mhz для памяти.

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Re: 207-Invalid Memory Configuration - System Halted!

Hi Sergey,


I think you will get more help if you write in English. I made a Google translation (it detected Serbian ...):


Sergey14 wrote (Google translation from Serbian):
Purchased the HP 8Gb memory 2Rx4 PC3-10600R-9 kit (500662-B21) for HP DL320 G6 server. Found at Slots 3A and 6B, as described in the configurator to you on site. You write "207-Invalid Memory Configuration - System Halted!"

What do? Set ProLiant System BIOS - W07 (07/02/2013). So the net. Bios determine maximum frequency of 1333MHz for memory.

Question: The POST (screenshot) shows "24GB" installed, so there seems to be previously installed memory in addition to the 2 (or 3 of them?) newly bought RAM modules.

Did you probably mix UDIMMs (non REGISTERED RAM) and those RDIMMs ( REGISTERD, PC3-10600R) you bought?

That would not work, either only UDIMMs (max. 24GB) or only RDIMMs (max 144GB), see Quickspecs for that server:


Hope that helps




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Re: 207-Invalid Memory Configuration - System Halted!

Did you answer with a tag? Tag to my reply says "foto is 3 memory 8GB = 24GB" and I did not set this tag. Should that be your answer?

Sorry, but have I been right and you mixed different types of modules (registered and non-registered)?

PLease post a reply instead of a tag and the exact memory configuration of the server.

You may need to pull out the modules to see what type they are.