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207 Memory Initialization Error

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Re: 207 Memory Initialization Error

Solved it by looking into the processor socket, mine was realy messed up. Had a diagonal line from left to right with bend pins


was on a HP DL 380 G7.

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Re: 207 Memory Initialization Error

Same problem on two processor DL380 G7. Impacts on both sockets. Multiple Memory 207-Errors.

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;Re: 207 Memory Initialization Error

Morning all I have the same error on DL 380 G8. I have reseat the module memory, but error persit. I don't know how to do!

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Hi Experts


I have the exact same issue on a BL680c G7 even with I25 08/04/2012 ROM installed..... Could this be a fualty DIMM or System Board?

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I can confirm that so far every similar issue I had on 380G6/g7 has been related to the processor socket.


But think more broadly, when "bent pin" is mentioned.


I just (30 minutes ago) had the case that when upgrading CPUs on a DL380 G6 from X5570 to X5670 I got faulty dim socket reports on A,D and G of Proc 1. I was worried that the processor was busted and switched them, but it still was on Proc 1 side.


Then I took a strong light and a magnifying glass and found that two tiny (I'd guess <= 0.3mm) pieces of fluff had lodged onto two of the pins.  (Sorry, not a sterile environment here).


Apparently that was enough to either make or block an electrical connection in a way that was not intended. I blew the socket out with air (Giotto Rocket Blower), reseated the CPU. Now memory is fine and the server is currently looping through memory tests without any error or problem.




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Re: ;Re: 207 Memory Initialization Error

you can clean slot memory and work fine....   i have the same problem... clean slot  and solved

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Same issue here using Kingston DIMMs, we had 16x 32GB in a DL380G9, only the error message said "207- memory initialization failed on." and I had 64GB less of memory than I should have. 

It's supposed to call out the slot and processor, but in this case it didn't.  After re-seating, cleaning, shuffling DIMMs around, etc I found out that I had 2 bad DIMMs. 


Interestingly, if we shuffled these DIMMs into their own separate pairs, they would each disable their own respective pair making us short by 128GB of memory total.  Seems like the same pair failed simultaneously, which is either ridiculously unlucky or the system shorted them out or something.  Still not sure.

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