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2SFF SAS/SATA drive cage assembly option

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2SFF SAS/SATA drive cage assembly option

I've added 2 aditional drive bays using the 2SFF SAS/SATA drive cage assembly option to our new DL360 G9 server but it looks like it's only possible to connect these two extra bays to the built in Software RAID controller (B140i) and not the P440ar RAID we have installed.

The purpose of adding the 2 aditional drive bays was to instal 2 SSDs to use Smart Cache on the P440ar.

Is there any way to attatch these two extra drives to the P440ar?

The B140i doesn't support SAS drives as far as I can see so I would need to purchase two SATA drives to install the OS on, and then use the 8 drives pluged into the P440ar for the Data drives + smart cache, not ideal.


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Re: 2SFF SAS/SATA drive cage assembly option

P440ar has 8 physical links across 2 x4 internal ports, all this links connected to your 8 SFF Drive Bays. You can't connect more disks without Expander or swop P440 to P840