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2x DL 380 G4 Server Cluster and MSA1000 SAN

Sean N
Occasional Contributor

2x DL 380 G4 Server Cluster and MSA1000 SAN


Newbie to SAN environments..

Have been tasked with the following:

I have to a setup Clustered Exchange 2003 Solution using MSA1000 SAN.

Setting up the cluster and exchange 2003 is the easy part.

I have kinda got stuck with configuring the SAN.

I have a MSA1000 with 1x 2/8 [I have assigned an IP address to it]

I have configured 2x DL 380 G4 Servers with Windows 2003 Enterprise + SP1 and other updates.[haven't installed Exchange 2003 yet]

I have added 2x Qlogic HBA cards to each server, and connected them to the MSA1000.

The reason for 2 HBA cards in each server is that my manager wants redundancy for the Fibre connections (although these rarely fail)

SAN config: 6 x 146GB hard drives.

Problem: How do I assigned 200GB for the Exchange clustered solution only, and still be able to assigned the remaining disk space as required later to other servers etc.

My manager mentioned something about Secure Path Manager, but I have no clue on what it is used for and how to configure it.

Please point me in the right direction..

Any input highly appreciated

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Re: 2x DL 380 G4 Server Cluster and MSA1000 SAN

You need to setup Selective Storage Presentation to the san disks.(SSP)
through the ACU (Array config utility).

This should do.

Multipathing is for usign more dan one HBA in each server, providing a kind of fault tollerant HBA access to the san.
Each HBA in a server needs to be connected to the another SAN swith. As you mentioned you had only one HBA per server and one swith. So you can't do this and doesn't need multipathing.

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