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3 Ultrium960 LTO3 drives on DL380 R03

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3 Ultrium960 LTO3 drives on DL380 R03

Problem: the third LTO3 drive attached to a DL380 R03 won't work.

Setup: 2 logical drives on first onboard SCSI bus (aka Simplex config), so the second SCSI bus is available to external devices on the VHDCI port. PCI dual channel Ultra320 controller connected to two Ultrium 960 drives in external enclosure (one channel each).

When I hook up an older LTO2 drive to the VHDCI port, it gets instantly recognized by the Smart Array 5i+ controller. The Ultrium960 drive, using the exact same cables and using the same SCSI ID (3), won't. Swapping the drive for one of the existing drives in the other enclosure results in the same problem.

So now I've verified the drive, cables and SCSI bus all work fine, but not with an Ultrium960. Has anyone else experienced this problem?