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360g6 an iLO

Damir Reic
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360g6 an iLO


after i upgraded BIOS to latest version, when booting i don't see the option to enter iLO setup anymore. How do i access iLo? Nothing in BIOS concerning iLO.
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Re: 360g6 an iLO

hmm could be bad rom flash

try with firmware cd version 8.7,and take all firmwares it offers..

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Damir Reic
Occasional Visitor

Re: 360g6 an iLO

I already did flash with 8.7 cd but the bios firmware was newer then the CD so i just updated 2 things with CD (don't remember which one)

Re: 360g6 an iLO

Hi Damir,

There is an iLO Security Override Switch on the system board. This switch temporarily disables authentication security. To change the state of the iLO Security Override Switch, you must have physical access to the inside of the server so that you can set the switch position on a dipswitch panel on the systemboard to let you access the ILO
Refer this mainetenace and service guide for DL360 G6 server to locate the dipswitch〈=en&cc=us&docIndexId=64180&taskId=135&prodTypeId=15351&prodSeriesId=3884319

Refer Page 70 to locate the system maintenance switch (and the switch you are looking at is Switch 1 should set to off)



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Damir Reic
Occasional Visitor

Re: 360g6 an iLO


i menaged to connect to iLO over web console, the settings that should be enabled to see that iLO option is POST are on so don't know why they aren't showing.

It doesn't matter now since i got to it over web console.