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380 G7 with unhappy power supplies on UPS

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380 G7 with unhappy power supplies on UPS

We have 2 380 G7's in the rack, both purchased used. I recently set up APC UPS's (1500 PRO models) on the servers as the previous solution was not a good solution. I have one UPS per PSU ( so 4 total for redundancy). Our primary server is happy on backup power and you can drop one supply or the other and it keeps right on serving. The backup server however not so much. I verified total power load during testing is only 150 watts across both power supplies.

With both UPS's plugged in  on the server in question, ALL the drive sleds pulled (so basically mobo only) I put one of the UPS's into self test. The server starts a clicking noise inside, like it is seeking for solid power source and trying to switch a PSU on and off. Display shows that supply is bad. Repeat that on the other one and it does the same, but clicking is different tone telling me that it's a different relay possibly. Unplug both and the server shuts down. So I thought low voltages from UPS maybe. Doesn't seem the case. Those UPS's work fine on primary server doing the same test. I swapped the PSU's in the backup server with known good reman supplies and no change. Is there a power supply management board or something that could be failing in our backup server? I have not seen any documentation saying as such. But it is definitely related to this server only. The primary box does not have this issue under any of the circumstances I have created on the backup box.



Re: 380 G7 with unhappy power supplies on UPS


 I hope all is well.

If you already swapped the power supply with the working server and confirmed that no issue with the power supply.

I am not sure, you checked the working power supply with the problematic server or not. If not, Installed the working power supply with the problematic server and confirm the issue with the power supply or Power supply backplane.

When you confirmed all power supply is fine than the suspected issue with the Power supply backplane.

Please follow the below documents to swapping Power supply backplane.

HP ProLiant DL380 G7 Server Maintenance and Service Guide (Page no 39)

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