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3TB disks on P400 - what happens when I upgrade to P410?

Jeff J

3TB disks on P400 - what happens when I upgrade to P410?

I have a DL185 G5 with (8) 3TB disks arranged in a RAID 5 array. The controller only is able to use up to 2 TB disks, it detects the disks as 2TB each and built the array as if they were 2 TB disks. It works fine that way, but obviously I'm missing 8 TB of disk space.


So If I replace the P400 with a P410, what will happen?  Will it continue to see those disks as 2TB each, or will it recognize the extra TB of space. If it recognizes the extra space, can I expand the array?


Re: 3TB disks on P400 - what happens when I upgrade to P410?



According to the QuickSpecs for P400, it support upto 2TB physical disk and P410 supports upto 3TB physical disk and DL185 G5 supports both the controllers.


As per the QuickSpecs the P410 should detect 3TB drives.


Note: Always take a data backup before doing such changes.


When you replace P400 with P410, the server may give errors due to drivers.  If the server boots fine then you can expand the array using array utilities but for this you may need cache module.


Thank You!
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Re: 3TB disks on P400 - what happens when I upgrade to P410?

Fortunately the drivers for the P400 and P410 should be compatible and the OS will boot after the update.

I'm not entirely sure what would happen because the new P410 can see all 3 TB. I'd like to say it would keep the integrity of the old array just fine and let you expand with the "new" space available, but honestly, I have a feeling it might mess up the existing array in some way.

This is one of those situations where I would *definitely* backup everything and give yourself enough time to do a full restore just in case.

And hey, maybe it will all work without any problems... I'd give it a 50/50 chance of being just fine... I just don't know for sure. I'm guessing the drives go into their 2TB compatibility mode which limits the sectors or whatever, and now those would all be visible, so it could be okay without fear of writing data to the wrong place.