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3rd PCIe slot for DL160 G6 ? External

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3rd PCIe slot for DL160 G6 ? External

I have a Proliant DL160 G6 and I am looking to add a Xenserver management NIC, but I have the other 2 PCIe slots filled, one with P410 and the other Qlogic Fibre Card.  I am hoping to add another NIC for managing Xenserver (which favors a decidated management NIC). 


There are 4 PCIe slots on the Motherboard, 1 x15 and 4 x4.  Two riser cards.  There are 2 rear facing slots one Half height and Full height (and 1 internal half height slot).  But there is not riser avaiable for the x4 half height expternal slot...


So is this x4 slot turned off on the motherboard?   Or can it be connected anyway with a pcie ribbon cable even if there is no riser manufactured for it.


If so why did HP design a riser structure and  a rear half height external card location and put a slot on the motherboard (Which all cost money) with no way to use them?