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3rd SATA Disk on HPDL140G2?


3rd SATA Disk on HPDL140G2?

Have a DL140G2 system with two SATA drives configured in a software RAID1 configuration.

Unfortunately a partition on each disk has gone bad, meaning we can't just throw in a new disk and have the array rebuild itself.

We'd like to add a 3rd SATA drive as a spare so it can get rebuilt correctly.

However it appears the DL140G2 has only two onboard SATA channels. What suggestions do you have as how to add a 3rd SATA disk to the system? Is our best bet a PCI SATA controller card?

The system is running RHEL4.
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Re: 3rd SATA Disk on HPDL140G2?

How do you plan to add a third drive to this server? You have a space limitation...

Maximum Internal Storage:

Non-Hot Plug SATA 1TB 2 x 500GB
Non-Hot Plug SCSI 292GB 2 x 146GB

Even if you get the 8 Port SATA RAID controler (HP 8 Internal Port SAS HBA with RAID -> 347786-B21 ) which is the only option for this server, you cannot allocate any other drive inside the server..

Google: DL140 G2 + Quickspecs

Re: 3rd SATA Disk on HPDL140G2?

Hanging out the side is fine. This is for recovery purposes only remember? We just want to get the 3rd disk re-sync'd then we can get rid of the bad disks.

This is the exact approach we ended up using. Had to use an external drive array though.

Thanks anyways.
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Re: 3rd SATA Disk on HPDL140G2?

By channels are you referingto cables or real channels? because teh 8 port SATA controller option 347786-B21, hast 2 channels too, but it has 4 ports (each port is splitted into 2 terminations).

Now, about how to provide power to this 3rd drive... no idea...