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431 Array Controller

Robert L Newman
Occasional Advisor

431 Array Controller

Is the 431 Array Controller in the Compaq Proliant 800 Sever able to provide RAID 5?

If so, why can I not get the Smartstart 5.5 to allow me to configure a RAID 5 Array on a Proliant 800 Server with 6 9.1GB SCSI Drives?

I want to have one Large Logical Drive to Partiton and install Windows 2000 Server.

What am I doing wrong, when I start the Smartstart, it sees all the drives but will not provide for the array.
Trusted Contributor

Re: 431 Array Controller

yes- the 431 does support RAID 5. have istalled over 50 of them in our offices in a RAID 5.

I dont think you have 6 drives in an 800. the 800 only supports 3 drives internally.
do you mean proliant 8000? or do you have an F2 as well?

W2K will run dog slow on this box when you do get it going, but here are some things to try.

1) update firmware/ SYS ROM with the 7.1 maintenance CD.

2) try a different scsi cable.

3) try a different controller.

Robert L Newman
Occasional Advisor

Re: 431 Array Controller

Allow me to say, as I'm sure you are aware,
I have never tried this before, so I don't really no what to expect. I just thought RAID 5 was a better solution because that's what I always heard.

I aquired this box free have a very small budget. It is a Poliant 800, I put 4 9.1GB
drives in the bottom and two under the CDROM. The box sees all 6 drivers, but when I run the Smartstart, it never gives me the option to configure RAID. I will see if I have another cable. Can this Sys ROM Update be download, I purchased the Smartstart CD from HP.
Thanks for you time.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: 431 Array Controller

Hi Robert:

If you are seeing scsi ides at post with these 6 hard drives; that means they are installed on the emedded scsi controller

if you have SA431 controller ; then you should be able to hit F8 and go to the bios for that controller ORCA and see the drives there and create raid; you don't need smart start.

- check Cabling.

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
Seth Parker
Trusted Contributor

Re: 431 Array Controller


Tarek's got it right. You need to check your cables and make sure that you have 6 the drives connected using one cable, that this cable is connected at one end to the SA431 (which is an adapter card, not built-in to the motherboard), and that it's terminated at the other end by the proper SCSI terminator. Once you get them all hooked-up, you should be able to configure the array like you want it.

Robert L Newman
Occasional Advisor

Re: 431 Array Controller

Thanks guys, the box does not have a controller card, the controller I'm connecting to is the one on the motherboard.
Obviously this controller is not the one I need.
My thanks to all, I really appreicate your help.