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5 Volt PCI card

Occasional Contributor

5 Volt PCI card

Are there any of the latest generation Proliant servers that will take a 5 volt PCI card, or have a riser option to take a 5 volt card?

rick jones
Honored Contributor

Re: 5 Volt PCI card

I'm far from an I/O expert, but I thought that PCI-X was all 3.3v? And that the current generation ProLiants if they offered something other than PCIe offered PCI-X. That being the case, I would expect the answer to be no.
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Mark Matthews
Respected Contributor

Re: 5 Volt PCI card

Rick is correct.
The latest PCI-X slots in the G5 Proliants only have PCI-E or 3.3v PCI-X.

The slots were keyed differently to accomodate 5v cards in the past.

Quite a good document here...

A little out of date, but as you can see even most of the G2 / G3 servers would not support a 5v card.

You're out of luck I'm afraid...


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