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530SFP+ NIC on DL360 Gen7

Mike O.
Regular Advisor

530SFP+ NIC on DL360 Gen7

We have some recently purchased HP 530SFP+ 10Gb network cards (652503-B21).    They were originally purchased for use in some DL380 Gen 8 servers.  Howerver, we we would like to put one in a DL360 G7.  


According to the specs, the card is listed as compatible with only some of the G7 servers, including the 165, 580, 585, and 980, but NOT the 360 G7 (although it does support the DL360 Gen8.


The card appears to be regular PCIe card, and has drivers for Windows 2008, 2008R2, and 2012, so it looks like it should fit OK.


I know I can just try it and see what happens, but I was just wondering if anyone knows why it's not listed as supporting the DL360 G7 servers?  Is it an actual incompatibility, or is just that since the DL360 G7's are now "discontinued", HP just didn't test/certify the card for it?


Jimmy Vance

Re: 530SFP+ NIC on DL360 Gen7

I'm pretty sure it's the later.  The card was released after the G7 model and never certified. Should it work, yes; is it officially supported, no.




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Mike O.
Regular Advisor

Re: 530SFP+ NIC on DL360 Gen7

Thanks, that's kind of what I figured, it was just too late for the G7's. 


I was hoping maybe someone on the forum had already tried it.


I checked with our reseller, but all they said was that HP's engineers said it "wasn't supported".