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5500 with 1611 Error

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Joshua Beddingfield
Occasional Advisor

5500 with 1611 Error

My 5500 logs a 1611 CPU and I/O error and shuts down. The fans were not spinning when I removes the top cover. I replaced them with NIB sealed 386121-b21 fans. Still no spin. The power cable reads -4.8 volts between red and black. I assume that is not good. I completely disassymbled the server to re-seat all connectors. No change. The fans will run when benchtested (both old ones and new ones). I have ordered a replacement peripherals board and am now waiting for it to arrive. Any ideas as to my problem?
Honored Contributor

Re: 5500 with 1611 Error

Hi Joshua,

That is the correct replacement fan option number.

The combined fan cable assembly comes up to the peripheral board so it is possible that the peripheral board fan logic is at fault ot the cable is faulty. The fan connectors (4 in total) are also marked. If the fans are installed incorrectly or the cable locations are mixed up (Only if you have 2 fans and no redundant ones) then you can get a 1611 error since it thinks that a main fan is missing.

See the attached pdf file for clarification.

Be aware that the peripheral board also holds the system BIOS. Upgrade to the last BIOS version available if the new board is below your existing BIOS version.

Good luck.

Joshua Beddingfield
Occasional Advisor

Re: 5500 with 1611 Error

The new board fixed the problem and was newer than the other board so I did not need the bios tool. Thank you for posting it. I would have been lost had the board been an older bios version.