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580 Slow disk access

Miquel Angel Daniel
Occasional Contributor

580 Slow disk access

Bought two 580 to replace 380, we have installed an application that is running slower than a 380. we have seen that the problem is the slow disk access, we tested with IOMETER and the results are always better un 380 using the same IOmeter configuration...about 10 times more IO's. We have the lastest firmware versions, drivers, we run Windows 2008 R2 in 380 and also in 580.


For example we configure IOMETER with 128kb 75%write in 100% random access II outstanding 16

In 380 we get about 15.000 ios but about 1800 ios in 580. In both servers we have one RAID1 with 15k discs.


¿any idea? we are totally lost.


Re: 580 Slow disk access

Hi There,


there have been several factors which can slow down the server/disk performance.


For example : Amount of Cache on the controller, NO of hard drives, raid configuration, stripe size, Controller driver and firmware, application environment etc.


Share the ADU report from both the servers for me to compare and share with the findings.





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Miquel Angel Daniel
Occasional Contributor

Re: 580 Slow disk access

580 have even more cache than 380. both have two discs RAID 1, same controller, same firmware, same stripsize. I will generate ADU Report