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5i Array wouldn't rebuild

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5i Array wouldn't rebuild

I have a 585 G1 running Windows 2003, I got the following error message, after I replaced the drive, it rebuilds, then it failes. But rather than the amber light, the hard drive light just disappears. Anyone seen this before? I attached some screenshots. BTW - I updated all the firmware and drivers. Thanks in advance.

Logical drive 1, configured on

Array Controller [Embedded], returned a fatal error on a read/write request on the volume.

Logical block address 78ac38, block count 64, command 20, drive bus 2 and Drive Id 0.

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk0.

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Re: 5i Array wouldn't rebuild


In order for the replacement drive (Port 2, ID 1)to rebuild properly the raid controller has to read data from the existing member of the mirror(Port 2, ID 0)and reconstruct the new drive.
Your problem is caused by the drive at Port 2, ID 0 having hard read errors which are preventing the rebuild. At the point where the controller gives up trying to read from this drive, it aborts the rebuild. If you continue to try the rebuild it will keep failing at the same point again and again.

Unfortunately this can only be resolved properly by getting a full backup of the system and replacing both drives, recreating the mirror and restoring data from backup.

This kind of problem is not uncommon unfortunately but the drive with read errors would have been reporting many errors before the other one failed. The Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU) will generate a report which will highlight the problem on ID0 if you attach it as a reply but this won't really help.

It's probably not the answer you wanted but if you provide the ADU report it should be easy to show the problem clearly and act as a tool in future to monitor the drives.

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Re: 5i Array wouldn't rebuild

yeah, that's what I figured, thanks for the help and confirmation.
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Re: 5i Array wouldn't rebuild