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6 Port SATA Controller Array Management

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6 Port SATA Controller Array Management

Hi there,

(Please forgive the cross post,but this forum seems more active than the general proliant foum).

I have just bought an ML110 G5 and want to install an HP 6 Port SATA controller.

I've installed Server 2003 onto an HD running off the internal SATA controller and run the Support Pack to install all the drivers.

Server 2003 can see the additional drive attached to the 6 port card, but I'm now struggling to find a utility to allow me to manage and monitor the 6 port controller.

ACU doesn't recognise the card because it's not a SmartArray Controller. I've installed HP Storage Manager ver and used CP007527 to update the 6 Port SATA RAID Controller driver to ver

Storage Manager detects the controller, but cannot manage it because it "needs a driver update".

AFAIK CP007527 IS the latest version of the driver, so I'm now at a complete loss.

Can anyone help?

While I'm here, I'd just like to register my annoyance at the "Software and Drivers Transition" that seems to have rendered most of the links provided in these forums completely useless. I've wasted over an hour searching for information on the SATA controller issue and almost every link provided no longer works.


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Re: 6 Port SATA Controller Array Management

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Re: 6 Port SATA Controller Array Management