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64-bit/133MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA

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64-bit/133MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA

please excuse my bad English.

I have a problem with the onboard
"64-bit/133MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA"
aka LSI53c1030 in Proliant ML350 G4.

The HBA doesn't detect/setup directly attached
scsi devices like streamer, cdrom etc.,
even devices as 356990-B21 harddisk:

It only works fine if connected to the cage
(two hotplug Ultra320 drives in it),
but i have separate Raid-SA641 for that issue.

Example: single scsi device / second channel:
LSI Logic Corp. MPT BIOS
Copyright 1995-2004 LSI Logic Corp.


[when moving to Port B, server hangs.
On the mainboard, next to the second lsi-chip,
"CR7 led" is flashing once a second.]

It seems to me that no bus reset is sent,
although specified under F8-Configuration.
Cable and termination are correct.
SystemROM is D17.

Thanks for any help,
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Re: 64-bit/133MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA

Have you updated the firmware?

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Re: 64-bit/133MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA

With out info on your devices I can only guess, but I see from the spec that the controller only mentions LVD protocol. Are all you devices old? Therefore using Single Ended(SE) protocol? Is there a jumper on the hard drive that is "Force SE" that can be removed? Just a thought
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Re: 64-bit/133MHz Dual Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA

Hello TV/e4services

I think I already have the latest version
of the MPT-Firmware. At least I couldn't find any newer version.


Yes, my devices are about six years old.
First of all I want to connect an OSTREAM SC50 internal drive, that uses a standard 50-pin internal connector. The interface is the 8-bit fast narrow SCSI-2 standard (FAST SCSI).
The device only has 4 jumpers (3 for SCSI-ID, 1 for termination).
Unfortunaelty, I'm not familiar with protocols like SE and others.
Do I perhaps have to use different cabling?