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6400R SCSI problem all drives amber

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6400R SCSI problem all drives amber


I have a 6400r with 4 9 gig 10k U160 drives, I am not sure what the user did if anything, but all the drive fail lights are on; on all 4 drives. The SMart Array controller (3200)does not see all the drives all the time, some boot ups it sees 1 drive or maybe even 2 drives and gives me a configuration error and tells me its going to disable the drives.

Right now I am stuck at 4 failed drives all amber lights

I replaced the 3200 controller, i switched slots the controller was in (6 to 5), I replaced the SCSI cable, SCSI backplane, ran smart start and system erased the system to start over and still have the same problems.

I removed all 4 drives and tested them in another 6400 and the drives did come up fine.

Any help would be appreciated

Oleg Koroz
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Re: 6400R SCSI problem all drives amber

run over troubleshooting with power source
see if you can get another Power Supply or Power backplane if used and if problem exist SCSI backplane