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6400R & SDLT320 Tape drive setup help

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6400R & SDLT320 Tape drive setup help


I've got an older proliant server, Compaq 6400R which we would like to use a backup server. The tape drive which we have is a HP Storageworks SDLT320 external unit. The server was configured as a W2k server with external storage array. However this configuration has since been removed and now the the only external device attached is the tape unit.

On boot up the server goes through is POST process and sees the only logical drive configured which is fine, however when scanning for SCSI devices the tape unit is not seen and this is doing my head in! The SCSI adapter is a dual channel adapter with channel 1 as the logical drive, and I would like to use the second channel for the tape unit, but as I mentioned during boot up it isn't seen.

Thanks for any help in advance.
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Re: 6400R & SDLT320 Tape drive setup help

Is the scsi controller in the server a pci card that says LVD? Are you using a terminator on the SDLT320 tape drive?
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Re: 6400R & SDLT320 Tape drive setup help

excuse me for the stupid question: is the external tape drive terminated?


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