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6400r Non-system disk

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6400r Non-system disk


Ive got a 6400r that wont seem to run again

the only message i get is "non-system disk or error replace"

After the post if i press f1 or f10 i just get that message,

I have tried Smartstart v5.20 cd the smartstart diskette,2003, xp, and 98.

The same message "non-system disk"

I did have it working but we had a power cut halfway through.

then i tried 2003 and it started but then said no harddrives were connected.

I tried different drives in it in case a small file was written to the drives to make it a clean start.

Have been through the forums

tried entering the scsi Bios by pressing f9 or ctrl + a but neither of them work.

Anyone got any further ideas?




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