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7,2000rpm and 10,000rpm compatiability

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

7,2000rpm and 10,000rpm compatiability


I'm using ML530 with Smart Array 2SL in RAID5 with Ultra Wide SCSI-3 3x9.1GB (7,200rpm). Now, i would like to add more harddisk and rebuild the whole server.

But 9.1 GB 7,200rpm harddisk is phased out from the market. but we can only buy 10,000rpm harddisk from the market. so, are 7,200rpm and 10,000rpm compatiable each other? can i use it together for the RAID?

Thanks a lot!
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: 7,2000rpm and 10,000rpm compatiability

There is no problem using the 10k drives with this setup. The new drives will only spin down to 7200 rpm as the rest of them. If you have any mroe questions or concerns feel free to call at 1-800-ok-compaq
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