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Alan K Chan
Occasional Visitor

Re: 72.8GB SCSI LED's

There are three lights on the Hot-plug SCSI hard drive cages. It is unlikely that the lights and/or the rods on all five hard drives broke in the same way to only break the activity and online lights but not the fault lights. Although none of them are currently lit, the way I tested all three lights on all the hot-plug SCSI hard drive cages is by clicking on the "identify" button in the storage array in the HP management web application. From my understanding as to what several of you are saying is that the hot-plug SCSI backplane is entirely at fault for disabling two of the three lights on all the hard drives installed? Is this correct?
Honored Contributor

Re: 72.8GB SCSI LED's

Hi Alan,

No I think your problem is with the embedded Smart Array controller (If that's what you are using to control the disks).

I have seen this behaviour before. If you have a PCI based controller (and you are not using the embedded one) then it may be at fault. If the LED's can be illuminated by diagnostics/management page then I don't think the backplane can blamed.