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747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.

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Steve Szuster_1
Occasional Contributor

747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.


I just picked up a Quad DL580 from eBay for home use and I knew it would be loud, but in my past experiences with these units have all been in Datacenter environments so I didn't realize how loud it would actually be!!

I want to implement my own cooling solution but am unable to do so because when I remove the hot-plug fans the system will not boot (Shutting down in 5 seconds.....).

Anybody know of a way to bypass or disable fan checking on a DL580 G1?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Trusted Contributor

Re: 747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.

Steve, HP went to a great deal of trouble designing these servers. You need to remove heat and that means noisy fans. If you do manage to bypass the checking, you will probably blow your processors up!

You could cut the blades off the fans. That would make them more quiet!
Steve Kadish
Trusted Contributor

Re: 747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.


The fans will run at variable speeds depending on the environment. This mechanism is regulated by the BIOS and the System Health Driver. Have you upgraded the BIOS to the latest version, and installed the latest version of the Proliant Support Pack for your OS?

If you install the Support Pack first, you can use the System Management Homepage and the Version Control utility to see what the latest versions of software and BIOS are.

No matter what you do, these servers are designed for rack-mounting in a datacenter, and I suspect that it will always be a little loud for "home use."

Good luck,
- Steve
Keith Romberg
Frequent Advisor

Re: 747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.

My ML570 G1 sounds like a F17 getting ready to take off from a carrier ;) With four CPUs and 8 hard drives, a large amount of air needs to move through in order to keep everything cool.


Regular Advisor

Re: 747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.

It's winter. The garage might be a better place for it.

I'm still wondering what you'd want a DL580 for in your house anyway. I hope you've got good power in your house.

Another thing you might want to try is making sure both power sups are plugged in. I've only used the 585s, not the 580s. Sometimes if only one PS is plugged in while you have two available, the system will think there is a fault and will run the fans at full speed.

Other wise, rent "Pushing Tin", turn the volume up, put your feet to the back of the server and enjoy a B+ movie with warm feet.
Steve Moreland
Occasional Visitor

Re: 747 in my Livingroom!! - Help.

Have you tried the HP health driver installed under the OS. I know on the DL360 (according to the forums) the hardware fan control has a low and high setting.