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750GB SATA drive in DL145 G2

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750GB SATA drive in DL145 G2

Can I put two 750GB SATA drives into a DL145 G2?

The DL145 G2 isn't listed in the Compatibility section.

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Re: 750GB SATA drive in DL145 G2

this is the point what kind of controller you have?

if you have this one Embedded SATA Controller
you can do it

take a look

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Re: 750GB SATA drive in DL145 G2

Thank you for the information, but that just leads me to my next question, namely how do I determine what controller I have in there?

The system in question is at a customer site and I have inherited the task of upgrading it. I don't have physical access to the box, nor do I have the original specification of the machine that was ordered, but I can have someone poke around in the OS (Red Hat AS4).

I'm pretty sure that we would have bought a 'standard' configuration SATA box, if there is such a thing. Would such a configuration support this new drive and if not, why not?

I've been scouring the HP site for hours now and am finding conflicting information about drive compatibility that is just making my head spin.

Thanks again.
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Re: 750GB SATA drive in DL145 G2

Both The above mentioned links DO NOT talk about DL145 G2.

DL145 G2 .. Standard models can hold upto 500 GB of storage; thats 250GB*2
refer :

& some special DL145 G2 would allow a MAXIMUM of 1TB; thats 500GB*2.
(& search for "Maximum Internal Storage")