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850R Boot from CD

Roarke Pendleton
Occasional Visitor

850R Boot from CD

I am extremely new to server setup and just got my hands on a Proliant 850R. My goal is to get windows server 2000 on it. I created the 4 disc configuration utility and attempted to run it. I booted with disc 1 inserted and it started the config utility and then eventually rebooted after I told it to install the config utility in a newly created partition. Now when it boots I get a message saying, "the configuration utility is not present on the fixed disc." My alternate question is what did i do incorrectly with running the setup utility?
My main question is how do i force it to boot from the cdrom so i can run the smartstart? I appreciate any and all information regarding these issues.
Stephen Grimmer
Trusted Contributor

Re: 850R Boot from CD

You should be able to use the system configuration utility SCU that you downloaded to configure the server to boot from the cdrom...