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A parity error was found on \Device\ScsiPort4

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

A parity error was found on \Device\ScsiPort4

Our tape drive was flaking out every few days so we got it replaced (a 35/70GB Compaq DDT External SCSI), at the same time we upgraded everything the smart start to 4.90B along with all the other software goodies, except the array controller firm ware. Now we seem to get a Event Viewer full of the following:
Event ID 5: Source: cpq32fs2
Description:"A Parity error was detected on \Device\ScsiPort4
****Our SCSI tape drive is on SCSI ID 4****
Any ideas could it be because the array controller firm ware isn't up to date? If so what is the latest firm ware for the Smart 2 NH Array controller?

Thanks in advance!
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: A parity error was found on \Device\ScsiPort4

parity errors on array controllers are generally caused by faulty wiring..check your cabling...replace and test...i dont think it is the firmware
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