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ACU Spare Management | Remove Used/Missing Spare

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ACU Spare Management | Remove Used/Missing Spare


We recenlty removed a spare from Bay 8 and installed it into Bay 5 to replace a failed HDD. I would like to know how to remove/clear the error shown in the attached screenshot. The ACU is very lacking in information that reveals what task(s) will actually be executed. In the screenshot. I am in Spare Management scren under Configuration with the removed HDD checked. Will selecting SAVE simply remove the Spare no longer present in this Bay?

This is a Mission Critical Production server so we must be sure of the action that will take place next.

Thank you!





Jeremy L Contreras

Re: ACU Spare Management | Remove Used/Missing Spare

Hi There, 

It seems like you will need to create a case with the HPE server support team in order to further proceed as the logs would be required for further analysis and Action Plan. 

Please click on "Submit a case" and the concerned team will get back to you once the case is created :


Shruthi (HPE Employee)


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