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Re: ACU mirror rebuild questions

Jim Cross_1
Occasional Contributor

ACU mirror rebuild questions

We have 14 drives in a mirrored array with 5304 array controller. There was a message that a drive failed with error 0x14 and then the next error indicated the drive was inserted. We got this same cycle of error saying failed drive and then drive inserted for all the drives in the mirror. When looking in the ACU it showed the array rebuilding to 100% and then starting over again at 0% and rebuilding. It completed the rebuild and started again for all of the drives in the array. Is this how it should do the rebuild? Should it fail and rebuild every drive in the array one at a time?
David Lochhead
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Re: ACU mirror rebuild questions

If this happened without replacing any drives give tech support a call. You might be having problem with your SCSI backplane or 5300