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ACU shows a Spare Drive

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ACU shows a Spare Drive

Hi Team,

In ACU, in one of the array, there is a disk which shows spare and it is in green color. I'm not sure if this drive is connected at first since i work out of remote office.In system Management Homepage,in smart array controller board,this disk status says Ok.
But how can we check if this drive is really connected?
Am i missing something here? I'm confused. Please help.
Thanks for your time..
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Re: ACU shows a Spare Drive

It should also say spare in the System Management Homepage. If it is green it should be fine. You can click on the drive and it will give you all of the relevant information. Our servers are configured with spares and this is how they show up.
You should be OK.
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Re: ACU shows a Spare Drive


Thanks for your reply.
I checked the status now and it is green.
is it possible to move this spare to a different array in the same controller?

Re: ACU shows a Spare Drive

If it is a spare drive - yes.

Multible arrays can share a spare drive.
Meaning you can assign the same spare drive to more than 1 array (Global spare)

Ofcourse only 1 array can use it.

If you want to move it.
It must be unasigned from the old array, and assigned to the new.


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