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AF601a 2x1x16 IP KVM switches

Stanley Chelchowski
Occasional Contributor

AF601a 2x1x16 IP KVM switches

How do I chain/tier 2 of these switches for local use?
I have followed the wiring in the documentation, and the port that the second AF601a is plugged into does not show in the ports list i.e. with the ethernet port of the second switch plugged into port 1 of the first switch: The ports list of the first switch only shows ports 2-16, port 1 is no longer listed.
The documentation says ensure that all switches have the latest firmware. The website states SP33829.EXE Version: (2 Oct 2007) is the the one to use, both switches reject this firmware as incorrect type.
If I scroll through the display settings on both switches both have "Tiering - Disabled"
How do I enable tiering?
I have given both switches fixed IP addresses and if I connect both ethernet sockets to the lan I can use the "HP IP Console viewer" and connect to both switches independently. I need to be able to use both switches locally with one screen, keyboard and mouse.

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Re: AF601a 2x1x16 IP KVM switches


2 IP console switches can not be chained

you can chain 1 IP console to a server console switch but not two console sw.

let me know anything else

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