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AHS Log Stuck on downloading

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AHS Log Stuck on downloading

Good Evening, 

I am having issues downloading an AHS log from a Proliant SL4540.  When attempting to created the download, I cannot fill in the fields.  I do see a message on the screen saying that "The AHS is downloading....", yet I didn't\couldn't proceed with the download.  

The Information page shows the ILO health as degraded and the Diagnositics shows "Controller firmware revision 2.10.00 NAND read failure " for the embedded flash.  I am tempted to reset the ILO but not sure if that is the best route to take first 




Re: AHS Log Stuck on downloading


This seems to be an issue with NAND corruption & requires that the NAND be formatted. Please follow the below steps to format the NAND chip. 


Please follow: Steps to perform a NAND format via the iLO GUI.

1. The iLO 4 GUI login will display a warning if the iLO has reported a self-test error on the Embedded Flash/SD-CARD.

2. The iLO 4 GUI Overview page will show the "iLO Health" has a "Degraded" status; click on "iLO Health" hyperlink to go directly to the iLO GUI Diagnostics page.

3. The iLO 4 GUI Diagnostics page will show a "Degraded" status for "Embedded Flash/SD-Card"; click on the "iLO Health" hyperlink and the "Format Embedded Flash and reset iLO" button becomes visible (NOTE: the "iLO Health" hyperlink is only visible when the "ilO Health" has a "Degraded" status).

4. Click the "Format Embedded Flash and reset iLO" button to perform a NAND format.

5. A pop-up message is displayed as a final confirmation before performing a NAND format.

6. After the NAND format is initiated, the iLO 4 is automatically reset and the iLO 4 GUI login page is displayed (the user will need to log into the iLO 4 GUI again).





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