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AIT-100 Drive /Arcserve7 no function

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

AIT-100 Drive /Arcserve7 no function

Hi from Germany

I installed a CPQ AIT 100 Tape drive internal in a ML370G2.
There are 2 Drive arrays configured on the integrated 5I controller (3x18+3+36Gigs),memory is 1,5 GB, Operating System NW 4.11 patched to 4.2 (NWSP7a).
All looks fine, but while Arcserve 7.0 is starting the AIT drives never stops to initialize the tape drive (Access light is flashing).
i tried to use a CPQ 12/24 DAT connected to the same Port -> all works fine.
CA certified device list -> the AIT 100 is listed.
Termination is OK. I have no more idea.
(COMPAQ Support Centers answer -> there is no support for nw 4.11 on this machine)
Any answers or ideas may be helpful

Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: AIT-100 Drive /Arcserve7 no function

Please try updating your system bios and apply the latest Support paq for Netware. If that does not help then try contact Novell Support team for your issue.

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: AIT-100 Drive /Arcserve7 no function

Hello Germany,

The AIT issue is an ARCSERVE 7.0 issue.

Here is the FIX:

ARCSERVE has developed a ?NEW? ASPI driver called CANWPA.CDM which does not detect any BACKUP DEVICE connected to the Smart 5i Controller.

ACRSERVE is fully of this issue and has pointed many clients to use the ?OLDER? NOVELL ASPI driver NWASPI.CDM. This driver will detect the AIT device and ARCSERVER should properly connect and allow backups.

First you MUST apply the latest ARCSERVE patch which is called [QO05996.CAZ] NET- CUMULATIVE PATCH WITH NETWARE 6 SUPPORT ARCserve 7.0 for NetWare and Support for Novell NetWare 6.0. This patch will alter your ASCONFIG which is required.

Then under the ACRSERVE directory you will need to EDIT the ASCONFIG.IN1 file located in your ACRSERVE directory on the Novell server.

Located under the [LOADER] header there is a line:

CSNLM6=SYS:\ARCSERVE\NLM\CANWAPBD host=0 name=board0 Adapter0=Board0, NWPA Driver interface (Or something similar) this line will need to be changed to read CSNLM6=SYS:\ARCSERVE\NLM\aspibd host=0 name=board0 Adapter0=Board0, NWPA Driver interface

Re-launch ARCSERVE and watch the loader screen it will detect the AIT device close to the END of the ARCSERVER load.

Also verify that NOVELL is actually detecting the BACKUP DEVICE by typing at the NOVELL CONSOLE SCREEN [LIST DEVICES] here you should see the BACKUP DEVICE either as a UNBOUND OBJECT or a NAMED BACKUP DEVICE depending on what you have loaded under NOVELL. If it is detected here as mentioned then it is the ARCSERVER issue if not then something is not properly detecting the device under NOVELL which is a different issue.

You will need to COPY the NWASPI.CDM driver from the REDBOX NOVELL MEDIA to the C:\NWSERVER directory and place a LOAD NWASPI.CDM line at the bottom of your STARTUP.NCF file.