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AMS + Veeam SAN BU + Nimble is spamming the crap out of us...

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AMS + Veeam SAN BU + Nimble is spamming the crap out of us...

Is anyone else having an issue with AMS spamming the crap out of them whenever Veeam attaches / detaches an Nimble based iSCSI target for backup on Gen10 & Gen10 Plus boxes?  Looking in the Windows 2019 event log, we can see an Agentless Management Service entry for:

Description of Event ID 4610, IML Class Code 18, Event Code 2: iSCSI link/session is down
Check the iSCSI initiator driver status or iSCSI initiator/target configuration. If no problems are found, the iSCSI initiator driver may need need to be installed or a iSCSI session may need to be configured on initiator and target system

This entry always comes immediately after an MPIO or NimbleDsm removal or addition event (the AMS warning for the attachement of a volume is similar to above).

This in turn generates an ILO Alert email.  Of course addition/removal of volumes happens multiple times per backup job.  Multiple this by mutiple VBR servers across multiple sites and it results in a several hundred undesired emails overnight sent to the support team.  Up until now we've just been deleting them, but it's pretty annoying and it's time to clean it up.

Does anyone have an idea how to stop these?