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ASM (cpqhealth) Problems Linux

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ASM (cpqhealth) Problems Linux


i want to use the ASM (3.3.0-6) for Linux Debian. I installed/recopiled it with a kernel 2.4.20 and the modules are running, but i can't start it.
After /etc/init.d/cpqasm start i get:
cevtd: Cannot open /dev/cpqevt, hp ProLiant Event Logging Driver disabled!
casmd: Cannot open /dev/casm, hp ProLiant System Management Driver disabled!

OK, that is right. I don't have the Devices. But how can i create them ??

To HP:
There are errors at the
It wants to have the utils.d directory with the hpuid and the
But the directory does not exist, you must create it manually and copy the files.
Another problem with Debian. The init-Script uses "ps -x", that didn't work (with Debian); the user must correct it to "ps x".

Thanks for your help!!