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ASR Reboots even more frequently

Aidan Keane
Occasional Contributor

ASR Reboots even more frequently

I followed the advice outlined here

To correct the problem, upgrade the Compaq Advanced Systems Management Controller Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000 to version 5.21.2195.0 (or later), which is available as Component Pack CP001377. Version 5.21.2195.0 of the driver is also on Compaq Support Paq (CSP) version 5.14A for Windows 2000, which is available on the Compaq SmartStart for Servers Release 5.30.

Note: CSP version 5.14 (or its individual components) can also be downloaded from the following location:

However, the server still reboots now about 8 times a day. I applied ver 6.3 of the management agents, new bios, new firmware for drives, everything has been updated to the lated versions. I removed all memory in the server and inserted new memory totaling 512 mb, and I also removed the power supplies and changed them around. Again I do not know what else to do. Thanks for your help!