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ASR Resets System Date DL 360 & 380 G3

Frequent Advisor

ASR Resets System Date DL 360 & 380 G3

Hi All,

I have intermittently seen an ASR on both a DL360 G3 and DL 380 G3 which not every time, but some times resets they system clock back to the identical date of the system Bios.

In the Case of the 360 G3 = 3rd March 2005

This causes the recovered system to go into a huge spin when the date is reset back 4 years.

Can anyone offer any way I can prevent this from happening.
Windows 2003 SP2 servers with latest PSP and BIOS & Controller firmware.

See attached System Log and note the date entries.

Is this possibly just a flat BIOS battery?

Thanks in advance
Frequent Advisor

Re: ASR Resets System Date DL 360 & 380 G3


Could someone tell me how to escalate this problem please as it creates Havoc with my applications when it happens and I can't find any info on it.

Many Thanks